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How to stop the racial war in this country


Before anyone gets on their high horses, or believe I’m doing the same, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I don’t like this racial war in this country. It’s worse now than it was in the 60’s.

Allow me to clarify something. Most people think the typical racist remark is, “But some of my best friends are black (white).” While this may be true to a certain extent, I’m not going to shy away from this remark.

Speaking from the heart, I must say that there are many people of a different race from myself who I love dearly, and would die for if I had to. Every time I’m around them, the subject of race never comes up. So, if you think that this is cop out on my part, you are very far from the truth.

To be honest and truthful, both sides want to see this racial war end, once and for and all. There are many ways to end it. Some are peaceful, and some are not. I’m going to start at the very root of the problem, which has nothing, whatsoever to do with race.

Control the Media

When Donald Trump announced that he may be running for President in 2016, during his interview with Brett Baier, he said that “Our Country is going to Hell.”

The racial war is just a part of it.

I’ve never been an advocate of Government interference. However, the media has gotten out of hand. The media is like a bunch of bloggers trying to sell you a money making product that is worthless. Most of what they say is nothing but opinions, and very low opinions, I might add. The least, likely little thing that occurs is blown up way out of proportion by the media.

That’s the reason for the racial war in this Country. The media won’t let you forget. For example, in Birmingham, Alabama, the news media has to remind everyone twice a month about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing which occurred on September 15, 1963. Good Lord, that’s over 50 years ago. I’m not going to link to it. If you want to know about it, Google it. I’m not like the news media, who likes to keep stirring up s__t, every chance they get. There’s an old saying about stirring up s__t. If you stir it up, it will stink. If you leave it alone, it will sit there, dry out, and go away.

The younger people today would know nothing about this racial war in the past, if not for the news media. But again, they’re not going to let you forget it.

If the Government regulates the news media, and stops them from bringing up these racial issues, this racial war will go away fast.


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