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Wrestling restored to Summer Olympic Games – 2 Sports to add

Summer Olympic GamesIn February, 2013 one of the oldest sports in the Summer Olympic Games was dropped. Wrestling has been an Olympic fixture since 708 BC.

After catching a lot of hell, the International Olympic Committee restored Wrestling to the Olympics in September of the same year.

Why drop Wrestling in the first place? Most people rather watch Wrestling than Ping Pong.

If the International Olympic Committee, and NBC really wanted to increase their ratings, 3 new events should be added to the Olympics in Rio, 2016.

3 New Events for the Summer Olympic Games would make them very interesting

Because of the strict drug testing by the International Olympic Committee, athletes must be good pee-ers. Therefore, the Olympics should award a gold, silver and bronze metal for the 3 best pee’ers in the world.

Here are 3 events that would make Rio 2016 the most interesting Summer Olympic Games in history:

  1. Speed Pee’ing
  2. Long Distance Pee’ing
  3. Synchronize Pee’ing

The athletes will love it. All they will have to do to train for these events is drink plenty of Budweiser.



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