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Teach your dog the command, ‘The cops are here’

best-pet-careYou’ve probably taught your dog commands like sit and stay. There is a another command that is rare, but most important.

The Cops are Here – HIDE

Train your dog to understand the command, The cops are here. Then, train your dog to go hide in a particular place like under a table, under a bed or behind the couch, and to stay there until you come to tell it it’s alright to come out.

Many cops are trigger happy and will shoot a dog in a heartbeat. There is no one to blame, It just happens. The cops surely are not going to take the blame. When it’s all over, the cop won’t give it a second thought.

This can be avoided. If you love your dog (and what’s not to love about a dog?) train it to react when the cops are around. It might save your dog’s life some day!

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