Don’t blame Funeral Home for girl’s missing body. Blame the thief, and sue the insurance company.

Girl's missing bodyFuneral homes carry insurance, I’m sure. Like home owners insurance, it should cover theft of property on the premises. Does funeral homeowners insurance also cover theft of bodies?

A Texas couple is suing Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemeteries of San Antonio for $1 million dollars for allowing the body of their daughter to be stolen five months ago.

Theft of body could have been inside job

Body parts is big business and can bring a lot of money. It’s surprising what people would pay for bones, tissue, lungs, hearts, etc.

No one other than the funeral home or the family knows if she was embalmed for an open casket funeral before being cremated, or it was just a closed casket funeral. If a closed casket funeral her body could have been missing for several days prior to her casket being placed in the hallway before cremation.

Maybe the girl was cremated, and in their bereavement, the family forgot and lost the ashes.

There are crooks in morgues and funeral homes. The funeral homes in general top this list. The thief was probably working in cahoots with the funeral home. If someone is cremated, the family still has to pay the full price of a funeral. This is a racket.

The funeral home is not necessarily to blame. But if they sue the funeral home, tough luck. They deserve what they get, and for that matter, so does the insurance company.

Of course, there’s another side to this story:

She said she was not ready to die just yet, and she simply stood up, hopped out of the casket and left the building with Elvis.

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