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The 5 Worst Foods That Can Put You in the Cemetery

maxreduceThe 5 worst foods you can eat taste great but they won’t send you to the doctor. Instead, they might send you to the undertaker.

These foods taste great, and are hard to resist. But they are very unhealthy, and very fattening. If you’re health conscious, you probably want to reduce the fat. Eating these foods every day could eventually kill you, and I sure don’t want that to happen.



5 Worst Foods You Should Stay Away From

There are more than five that are no good for you, but these 5 are the worst foods you can eat:


5 worst foods

They taste good, but this is the only good thing about donuts. They are fried in oil, which makes them very hard to digest. Some of these treats have fillings, such as, cream filling and fruit filling. They taste great, but there is no nutrition.


5 worst foods

I love ’em. I would be Un-American if I didn’t. At a baseball game, it is a spectator’s sacred duty to have a hot dog and a beer. And they do taste very good. But they are not good for you. It is the wiener that makes them taste so good. If you ever take a good look at the ingredients in wieners, you would never eat hot dogs again. They are made from animal guts that should have been thrown away and fed to the rats.


5 worst foods

In the Summertime, the best sandwich is the Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich (BLT). Take away the the bacon, and this is a healthy sandwich, but without the bacon, it sucks. Bacon tastes good, but it is nothing but a piece of fat.


5 worst foods

Again, I love it. It tastes great. So do millions of other people. But it is very hard to digest. Have you ever tried taking a dump after eating fried chicken? It is next to impossible.


5 worst foods

If you ever made cheese, or saw how it is made, you would never eat it again. It is nothing but pure milk fat. And if you think fried chicken causes problems, try taking a dump after eating cheese. I feels like a cork has been stuck up your rear end. In fact, another name for cheese is Choke ’em Ass.

I would like to throw in another tasty treat, for good measure.


5 worst foods

Unless you have a cast-iron stomach, don’t eat this crap. If you do, you may taste it for the next 5 days.

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