The Catfish Are Really Biting This Year

I wish they were biting this good at the river. I would go fishing everyday. Unfortunately, this is not the river. This is the World Wide Web. And this little catfish supposedly lives in Nigeria.

This catfish was a little different from Stacy. She did not beat around the bush. She got right to the point. The only similarity was, her name rhymed. This girl’s name was Tracy.

This Catfish Was Not As Greedy

This one started with an email. She said that she was from Maryland, living in Nigeria, and looking to a man to settle down with. Then, she wanted to know my most embarrassing moment. And, of course, she sent me the pictures that are posted below.

The next day, I received a text message asking me to send her $2,000 so she could come be with me. I answered her text message by saying, “I’m turning your pictures over to the Justice Department tomorrow. They will come to Nigeria and track you down.” I didn’t really mean this because I am not a snitch. I just wanted to get a reaction, and a reaction, I GOT. Poor Tracy answered by saying, “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN.”

Here Are Pictures of Cute Little Tracy



My Thoughts on These Pictures of Dear Little Tracy

This time, I believe they are pictures of the same girl. However, I am still not convinced that my little Tracy is a girl. These don’t exactly look like glamor shots, but they could have been taken from someone’s social media profile.

Tracy, if these pictures are really you, don’t even think about getting angry with me for posting them. You have you own problem. Before Eric Holder gets finished, he’s going to turn you every way but loose.

Finally, if you are the young girl in these pictures, your name is not Tracy, and you are not in Nigeria, you’d better call your lawyer. Someone has stolen your identity.

You Girls Just Keep  On Trying

This is about the fiftieth time a catfish has tried to fin me within the last year. I usually ignore it. It very seldom goes as far as this, or the one with Stacy. Merjeo is part of an online conglomerate that consists of several respectable websites. As the owner of this conglomerate, I want to clarify that I do not like online scams, and online catfish.

If you email me, send me pictures and then ask me for money, I will post your pictures on Merjeo.

I’m not asking you not to do it. Take your best shot at me. By all means, send me the pictures and try to scam me. This will give me some more good stuff to post. You may help me make a career of this.

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