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The Godfather – Hit in the Restaurant

Do you remember the movie, “The Godfather”? If you remember this movie, do you also remember the scene when the two Mafia hoods, Sollozzo and McCluskey, were shot and killed in Louie’s Italian Restaurant by the Godfather’s younger son, Michael Corleone? If you don’t remember, perhaps this video will refresh your memory.

The last time I watched this scene, I started wondering all sorts of crazy things.

  • Why didn’t the two hoods, Sollozzo and McCluskey, frisk Michael again when he returned to the table?
  • Why didn’t the two hoods do a strip search on Michael when they met? He could have had a gun between his cheeks.
  • What if the Sollozzo or McCluskey had to “take a leak” first? Would they have found the gun taped on the back of the tank?
  • What if Sollozzo or McCluskey, or both had to relieve themselves after Michael returned to the table? Would Michael have lost his nerve?
  • Did Sollozzo and McCluskey have any life insurance?
  • Does life insurance cover a mob hit?

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