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The Greatest Blogger, 2000 years ago, and still today




Many attribute the beginning of blogging to Justin Hall. He is known as the pioneer blogger. But Mr. Hall is not the one who started blogging.

If you want to know who really started blogging, you have to go back in time, like, two thousand years. The very first blogger was Paul the Apostle. Paul created the first blog, before anyone even knew about blogging, or what blogging was. As one of the first twelve Bishops of the Church, Paul created the greatest blog of all time, The 13 Letters of Paul in the New Testament.

Let’s think about this. There are six requirements that make up a good blog post. Let’s see if Paul’s letters meet these requirements.

  • The blog must target its audience. Paul’s letters did this. He targeted Christians. Considering the fact that Christianity was a new thing when he blogged, the market was not exactly saturated.
  • The blog must speak to the same audience. Paul was speaking to followers of Jesus Christ. He was also speaking to those who he wanted to be followers of Jesus Christ. Yes, he was speaking the the same audience.
  • The blog post must not interesting and useful. Paul’s letters are definitely interesting. If a Christian can’t get interested in Jesus Christ, then something is wrong. His letters are also useful. If they were not useful, what’s the point in praying?
  • A good blog post will show, not tell. Paul’s letters have been showing, like for the last two thousand years. Look at the world around you.
  • A good blog post has a call to action. Paul definitely had a call to action in his letter. He said, if you want to get to Heaven, you better follow Jesus Christ. Preachers persuade this call to action every Sunday morning.
  • A good blog post allows comments. For years, people have been commenting on Paul’s letters – like Every Sunday morning in Church. These commenters  are what we all know as preachers.

Keep another thing in mind. Paul’s letters have received more traffic than any other blog has received, or ever will receive. His letters have been receiving tons of traffic every day for the last two thousand years, and should continue doing the same for the next two thousand years.

So, when it comes to blogging, the first blogger, and the greatest blogger of all time was Paul the Apostle.

Unfortunately, Paul is not blogging anymore. Even if he were still alive, he would not have to blog. He is like a coach who has won five championships. He never has to do anything else, and will walk away a champion. His blogs still receive more traffic today than any other blog has, or ever will receive.

Paul’s blogs still receive more traffic than the blogs written by today’s greatest blogger if there is one. AND BY THE WAY, WHO IS TODAY’S GREATEST BLOGGER? I’ll never tell.

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