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What if you get held up with no cash? No problem! Some thieves now take credit cards

credit-thiefThe other day, I went to the Dollar Tree to buy a whole bunch of stuff, but ended up buying 4 things.

I didn’t have any cash, so I said to the cashier, “I feel funny using my debit card for such a small purchase. Is it all right?” She said, “That’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

Held up with no cash – You’re screwed

Then I said to her, “I never carry cash. I always use my debit card. If I am ever held up by a robber, I would be in big trouble.”

Suddenly, I was in a crazy, and joking mood, so I continued by saying, “Of course, it is my understanding that most thieves today will take plastic. They will take a debit or a credit card, and give you time to go to the teller machine and get the money. It wouldn’t surprise me if, in the very near future, thieves will tell you to stick ’em up, and then allow you time to go to the bank, and take out a loan to finance the robbery.”

BS or NOTThieves may ask for a credit reference in the future

Who knows? By this time next year, thieves may run credit checks on people they’re trying to rob. If their credit is approved, they’ll say, “Stick ’em up.” If their credit is declined, they’ll leave and go on to their next customer. Most likely, a thief wouldn’t kill you if your credit is declined. Most thieves are not necessarily killers. They just want your money. However, if you’re ever in this situation, don’t assume this is true. Get the hell out of there, as far away as you can, and as fast as you can.

I wouldn’t be surprised if many thieves don’t even load their gun on a job. And I’d almost bet the farm that he’s not going to report anyone’s bad credit to TransUnion, Experian or Equifax.

Armed robbery is against the law. But to thieves, it’s a business. They too want to stay in the black, and they’re also being hit by the economic crunch.

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