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Thieves steal Baby Jesus from Catholic Church Nativity Scene

our-lady-of-sorrows-homewood-alHow low can someone be? Imagine that! Stealing Baby Jesus!

Wait a minute! Before you have a coronary, there’s something you should know. This has become another Christmas Tradition, and when you know the reason, you might understand. Furthermore, you might agree.

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, in Homewood, Alabama, is well known for displaying the most elegant Nativity Scene every Holiday Season. This is usually displayed immediately after Thanksgiving. Every year, someone from the town takes the Baby Jesus from the crib, hides it and returns it on Christmas morning.

Why is Baby Jesus taken from the Nativity Scene?

When one of the locals in the area was asked this question, the answer made all the sense in the world.

The Nativity Scene is displayed at least four weeks before Christmas. Technically, Jesus is not yet born, and shouldn’t be there. The thief hides the statute, and then returns it on Christmas morning, symbolizing that Jesus is born, and can now be a part of the Nativity Scene.

Everyone in the City of Homewood, and Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church seems to get a big laugh about it. Even the police think it’s funny. However, Father Martin Muller, pastor of OLS doesn’t think it’s so funny. Every time this happens, he whines, bitches and complains about it.

Come on, Padre! It’s all in the spirit of fun. Where’s your sense of humor?

Of course, when a man has been a priest for over fifty years, there’s not much to have a sense of humor about. Many elderly priests, being old school, traded their sense of humor for their virginity. This would make any man bitter and grouchy.


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