This is exactly why GOLF is such an amazing game


The Advantages of Golf

Golf is fun. It’s relaxing. It’s a way to get away from your normal daily routine.

If you’re good, golf is a way to make a few bucks. For example, you can bet your golf partner $5 a hole.

The best thing about golf is, it’s therapy. If you play golf, you forget everything else in your life. You will think of nothing but golf.

The Disadvantages of Golf

Golf is a tough game. I’s you against both the game and the golf course. And usually, they both win, and you lose. But this doesn’t matter. You’re having fun.

The game will humble the person with the biggest ego in the world. Golf is unique, in that, it’s the only thing that will make a grown man cry.

There is one major disadvantage to the game of golf. Golf will make you forget your problems. But the game is not easy to play. The only issue with this is:

When you play golf, you suddenly have some new problems that you didn’t have.

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