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Top 7 celebrities who made an ass of themselves in 2015

Celebrities are in the public eye. Being under the microscope, people are more likely to notice the crazy things some of them do. Celebrities do crazy things all the time. and 2015 was no exception. Therefore, we have narrowed it down to who we believe, in our opinion, were the:

Top 7 celebrities who were ASS ‘es in 2015, and WHYcaitlyn-jenner

Once considered the World’s Greatest Athlete, Bruce Jenner is now only a shadow. He doesn’t just WANT TO BE A WOMAN. He thinks he IS A WOMAN. I don’t know if I should refer to this creature as a HE, or SHE. To be on the safe side, I’ll refer to Mr, or Ms Jenner as an IT. Perhaps this is Bruce Jenner’s way of making a comeback, as many athletes try to do. Knowing that over-the-hill athletes frequently meet with disaster, this may have been Bruce’s way of making a comeback without experiencing a bitter defeat. But something much worse happened. Bruce Jenner, now Caitlyn Jenner, has made an ASS out of himself, or herself, or itself. Screw it! Who cares? The damage has already been done.


This guy was once the most respected comedian, but not any more. All he had to do was ignore everything, and keep his damn mouth shut. He also could have told each of his accusers, “Prove it, Bitch!” If he had just kept his composure, this whole thing may have died away. Now, he’s facing criminal charges.


This guy is a presidential candidate. As most candidates are known for making asses of themselves, I’d say he has a free pass. But the fact remains, to many people, he is one of the 7 asses of 2015. But in fairness to Mr. Trump, he is just as good as anyone else running for president, if not better.


The Old Ball Coach, once the most respected man in college football, has left an already troubled South Carolina football program hanging out to dry. He could have at least coached the remainder of the season, and gone out with dignity. Let’s see what happens in the future. Perhaps the Old Ball Coach will be the next coach at Texas A&M, a program that is having their share of troubles at the present time. Then, the South Carolina fans will really think of him as as ass.


The people at South Carolina are probably saying, “We just lost an ass, and now we’re getting another ass!” But the man who is perhaps the best defensive coach in the country did the damage before South Carolina hired him. During the 2015 Iron Bowl (Alabama vs Auburn), he lost his composure on the sidelines after Auburn was penalized 15 yards for a late hit. Auburn was again penalized for his conduct. Nick Saban’s team was sent 30 yards closer to the Auburn goal line. And Saban needs no help. Why make is easier on a man who is going to beat your ass anyway? What will Muschamp do next season, when South Carolina goes 0 and 8 in the SEC?


This guy makes an ass out or himself every time he opens his mouth on Shark Tank. All Mr. Wonderful does is criticize aspiring entrepreneurs, and talk about MONEY. I’ve known many successful people, and to them, money is a taboo subject. They make it, but don’t like to talk about it. The people who talk about money all the time are the ones who don’t have it. Sometimes, I wonder if Mr. Wonderful is as successful as people think.


No one seems to know who this guy is, which is to his advantage. But he has sparked a fit of rage on Social Media. Hallmark shows one of the best Holiday movies, Karn Kingsbury’s, The Bridge. Then, most unexpectedly, the movie has no ending. Hallmark Channel leaves viewers hanging, and announces that Part 2 will be aired in one year. Just think of the people who are in their 70’s and 80’s who were into this movie. There’s no guarantee they’ll be around when Part 2 is aired. My advice to this guy is, don’t let people know who you are. You’ve pissed a whole lot of them off.

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