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Two people you don’t want to piss off – One is “The Waitress from Hell”

Two people you don't want to piss off

Earlier this week, I was watching Mystery Diners on the Food Network. In case you’re not familiar with this show, distressed restaurant owners losing money, customers and food items call Charles Stiles. Charles wires the restaurant with hidden cameras and microphones, and then he and the owner meet in the control room, and catch the employees in action who are ripping off the owner.

During one of the shows, a waiter literally spit in the food before serving it. By a miracle, Charles Stiles was able to communicate with the person to whom the food was served, and told him “Don’t eat that. He just spit in it.”

Obviously, something happened to piss this waiter off.

There are two people you don’t want to piss off


Do you remember The Waitress from Hell? I’m sure Sally Jessy Raphael remembers her very well. On one of her night time talk shows, she exposed her on video. A man tried to steal her tips from the jar on the serving counter. I’m afraid this guy messed with the wrong woman. He was a customer, and wanted a refill on his coffee.

The Waitress from Hell was happy to oblige. She gave him a refill all right – No cream – No sugar – But an interesting ingredient. She had a cold that day. After pouring the man’s coffee, she blew her nose in it. I guess you can say this guy had a snotty cup of coffee.


I know a girl who dated a pharmacist once, and in her mind, once was enough. They went out for dinner and drinks. Shortly before leaving the restaurant, she felt a little dazed and groggy. She said, “I swear, he must have put something in my food when I wasn’t looking.”

Then I asked her, “What happened? Did he come on to you and you refused?”

“It hadn’t even gotten to that point yet. The evening was still young.”, she answered.

This guy tried to drug her, and she didn’t even piss him off. Just think of that he’d have done if she really had pissed him off.

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