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Two ways to prevent having to go to prison



If you are involved in a crime, it can be one of two ways. The first is, you committed the crime yourself. If this is the case, and they have the goods on you, no doubt about it, YOU’RE SCREWED.

Second, you may know of someone who has committed the crime. If the authorities can prove that you know the person who committed the crime, they will try to connect you with the crime every way possible. You don’t even have to have had any involvement in the crime. You don’t even have to know that a crime was committed. Unfortunately, the authorities, especially the Feds, are a bunch of bureaucrats. Prosecuting an innocent person is something that puts a feather in their cap. In many cases, if they are aware that you know the guilty person, the bottom line is, YOU’RE SCREWED.

Two things that can keep you out of prison

First, if the authorities come to question you, act like you’re busy, and don’t talk to them. I did my research before writing this, by casually asking an attorney about this. His answer was, “That’s your property. Who you don’t want to allow inside your house is your business. If someone comes to your house, and you don’t want them to come inside, ask them to leave. If they don’t, report them for trespassing. If Eric Holder came to your house, you have the right to ask him to leave.”

This came straight from the mouth of an attorney.

Second, if they come back with a warrant, you have to meet with them. I said you have to meet with them. You don’t have to talk to them. They tell you “You have the right to remain silent . . .,etc.” If you don’t know about any crime that has been committed, there’s no problem telling them this, but nothing else. Otherwise, don’t say anything.

The authorities don’t know what you don’t tell them. They try to scare you into thinking they know more. The authorities love to trick people into snitching on themselves. Did you know that 90 percent of the people who are in prison are there because they couldn’t keep their mouths shut? One little thing they said sent them to prison. This is also from the mouth of the attorney.

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