US Postal Service losing billions from email – Will Government stick it to us?

us-postal-serviceThe United States Post Office doesn’t have much to do these days. They’re not delivering many letters because people are sending emails instead. At least when you send an email, you know it’s going to get delivered. It may end up in the junk file, but the recipient will still get it if he looks hard enough. Can the US Postal Service make this same guarantee?

Will Email put the US Postal Service out of business?

Not a chance. The Government doesn’t go out of business. If they get in financial trouble, they just turn to their venture capitalists and sources of financing – ALL OF US! It’s called “Taxes”.

The price of stamps have just increased from 46 to 49 cents. This 3-cent hike is the largest increase in more than 10 years. But they’ll still lose billions of dollars.

What scares me is, the Government could regulate email. I can’t imagine having to pay 49 cents every time I send an email. Can they do this? Yes they can. They’re the government. They can do anything they want to do, and we can’t do a thing about it.

Is there a bright side?

The Postal Service is still in business, and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Deliveries of packages and parcels is saving their rear ends. Thanks to online shopping, these deliveries are going up by approximately 6 percent each year. But consider the worst case scenario. Suppose drones take over deliveries. One way or another, the Government will get it back from us. They always do.

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