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I Was Victim Of A Citizens Arrest

The gentleman who arrested me had to be an Andy Griffith fan

I have a bad habit. When I renew my car tag sticker, I usually place it in the glove compartment of my vehicle and stick it on later. Most of the time, I forget, and have to be reminded.

Last Thursday, I was parked in the local Wal-Mart parking lot, and the guy next to me noticed that the tag had expired. I told him that the sticker was in my car, and I had forgotten to put it on the tag. To be polite, I thanked him for reminding me about it. He said, “That’s no excuse. I going to make a citizens arrest.” I looked at him and said, “Are you serious?” He said, “Yes I am. Now go to the police station and turn yourself in. I have your tag number, and I’m going to call them and report it.”

First, I placed the sticker on my tag. Then, I went home and just ignored the guy. I wanted to make sure I was not in trouble. The next day, I called the police department to report the incident, and asked if the guy had turned me in. The dispatch said that he did. I asked, “Am i in trouble?” The dispatch said, “Absolutely not. The guy who arrested you should have called the police and have them write you a citation. He didn’t, so you’re off the hook.” He also said, “Don’t ever try to make a citizens arrest. This is the best way to get your butt sued.”

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