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Website on Internet Marketing – A Stupid Idea

internet-marketingSo many people today want to hit it big in Internet Marketing.

The first thing they do is set up a website on How to Make Money in Internet Marketing.

7 Reasons Why a Website on Internet Marketing is a Stupid Idea:

  • People who visit your website are interested in the same thing.
  • The people who visit your website are your competition.
  • Your visitors know as much as you do, if not more.
  • Your visitors know that you are full of it, and just trying to jerk them around.
  • People are not going to buy the products you’re trying to sell, because they are selling the same products.
  • People who start an Internet Marketing website never post anything that is original. When they run into problems, they research them on Google, and then write a blog post about what they find.
  • Finally, people who have a website on Internet Marketing try to trick people into thinking they have unique knowledge, but the visitors are smart enough to know better.

In summary, a website on Internet Marketing is a Waste of Time.

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