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What is the truth, and what are the lies

truth-liesIs everything we see in print the truth? Hell no!

Printed material is merely one person’s opinion.

The difference between the internet and the library is simple. With books, the lies, and the truth are printed on parchment paper, instead of some disorganized, non-ranking website that’s not guaranteed to even be around in a year. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all websites.

Books or the Internet – Which is the truth

There are two answers – sometimes BOTH are true, and other times NEITHER are true.

Many things you read on the internet are true. But just as many are lies. Webmasters are trying to get traffic. They’ll tell you that they saw a snow skier in Miami Beach. But they have to do something to make their website entertaining. If you read a website, and are amused at what you read, who cares if it’s the truth or not? You’re happy, you’ve been entertained, so what’s the harm?

Not everything in books is true, either. There’s multiple genres dedicated to things that are amusing but false. They’re called “fiction” and “religion”.

Unlike the Internet, readers can’t comment on books. You could write the publisher or the author, but who would go to all that trouble? There are no second opinions, just the author’s personal biases and prejudices.

So which is true? Does it really matter? Read the printed material. Take it with a grain of salt. Enjoy what you read instead of worrying about whether it’s true or not.

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