What’s better? Being loyal to someone or being a snitch?

Being a Snitch

E-mail to Merjeo on Being a Snitch

Dear Merjeo,

About ten years ago, I was in the business of providing financial planning services. I had a business partner. He was not only my partner, He was my friend, at least I thought. He decided from the beginning that he wanted me to handle the money, and sign the checks. He wanted nothing to do with it, although his name was on a signature card at the bank in case of an emergency. One day, he took some money from a trust account used to pay Federal Taxes for clients. When I found out about it, I told him to put it back immediately, or I would turn him in to the US Treasury Department. He put it back, and we went on with our business. He had a big mouth, and because of this, was eventually turned in to the US Treasury Department by one of our clients. The end result was, he served three years in Federal Prison for taking the money, and I served eight months because I was his partner and didn’t turn him in. The irony is, I was punished because I didn’t do anything. Since then, my life has never been the same, and I have struggled to get back the life I once enjoyed. Did I do the right thing by being loyal to him, or should I have been a snitch?

Yours truly,

Disgruntled Partner

Merjeo’s responsse on Being a Snitch

Dear Disgruntled Partner,

It’s not good to be a snitch. It’s good to be loyal to someone. But having common sense is better than both put together. I understand that people tend to avoid you if you’re a snitch. But in this situation, you should have snitched on this thief. Any repercussions you would have had would have been short lived. As it is now, serving eight months in Federal Prison was not your only punishment. You are still being punished for this today, obviously. This is what you should have done: First, leave him immediately and take your clients with you. Second, turn him in to the US Treasury Department and help them prosecute him. You would have been out of this, free and clear. Finally, move on with your life. Even if you had regretted turning him in, you would have forgotten about it in less than a year. Of course, hind site is 20 20. You can’t change it now. There is one way you can get your revenge on him for what he did – Move on with your life and live as well as you possibly can.

I hope this was a help to you,

Yours truly,

Charlie c/o Merjeo



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