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Ladies, When to Love Your Husband

when-to-love-your-husbandLadies, you must love your husband, when he orders you to make coffee or tea. He wants you to stay alert and fresh, so you can listen to him talk and talk, nonstop.

Love your husband if he looks at other beautiful women. He is just checking them out, and reassuring both you and himself that you are still the best, and the most beautiful.

Ladies, love your husband when he criticizes your cooking. He is just trying to make you a better cook than you already are. He is also trying to improve his taste.

Love your husband when he snores at night and disturbs you when you are trying to sleep. He is trying to prove that he is very comfortable being married to you, and the most relaxed person in the world after being married to you.

Ladies, love your husband when he forgets to buy you a gift for your birthday or wedding anniversary. He is just thinking of your welfare, and trying to save for your future.

Finally, Ladies, love your husband, no matter what. You have no choice. You are married to him. And you can’t kill him because this is a serious crime.

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