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When you die, do you see relatives who died before your birth?

proof-of-heavenTwo weeks ago, a relative told me about a great book she had read. Once was not enough. She had to read it twice.

The book caused her to make a very interesting observation. When you die, you not only see your aunts, uncles, great grandparents and others who you barely knew during your lifetime. You also meet relatives who had died, even before you were even born.

Is there such a thing as a Near Death Experience?

Many people who have had Near Death Experiences have experienced this, according to Dr. Alexander.

The problem with this is, death and near death are two different circumstances. If someone is nearly dead, they’re not dead.

For example, how can a woman be nearly pregnant?

Does something happen after we die?

The only way we will know the answer to this question is to die. I’m not quite ready to do this yet. And if you’re reading this or not reading this, I hope the same is true for you.

Do you remember how you felt in the year 1795? Will you feel exactly the same way in 2195?

I sincerely hope not. If death is like going to sleep or into a coma, and never waking up, what’s the reason for everything we’ve been taught over the years? Nothing would devastate me more than to find out that everything we have been taught about God is not true. If this is the case, which I don’t believe, I wouldn’t know it anyway.

According to my cousin, who read this book, this is not the case, and she felt very certain of what she said.


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