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How does it feel when you meet your soulmate?

soulmateFinding your soul mate is like reading a good book

There are three kinds of people you will meet during your lifetime.

The first kind of person is a skimmer. He or she will run their fingers through your index and go straight to the parts that arouse them and peak their interest. Then, after a while, they will get bored, and go elsewhere for more knowledge.

The second kind you meet will take his or her time. They will go to every one of your chapters in detail. They will mark each one that especially arouse them. Finally, they will have the desire to go elsewhere for more knowledge.

You will definitely meet the first two kinds of people. This is a guarantee.

The third person is someone you will probably meet as well. He or she will finish every sentence, word for word. This will take a long time. They don’t want to go elsewhere for more knowledge. They have discovered a knowledge base that will last the rest of their life. Also, he or she will keep the book. What’s strange is,

You will never see this person coming.

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