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You Can’t Fight Ignorance

The first sign of intelligence is to Follow Directions.

What is the first sign of ignorance?

There is more than one sign of ignorance. One sign is, when someone thinks they know everything, when in fact, they know nothing. Of course, another sign of ignorance is to not follow directions.

ignoranceDo you know someone who you have never heard say, “I don’t know. .”? If you do, chances are that person is ignorant, because the ignorant person thinks they know every thing there is to know about everything. An ignorant person will never say the sentence,”I don’t know.” An intelligent person will say that sentence, or better, will say, “I don’t know, but I will try to find an answer.”

For years, I have allowed ignorant people to piss me off, and get the best of me. That was my mistake. If I had not come to my senses, I would be just as ignorant. Now, I just laugh at ignorant people. After all, if you don’t take them seriously, they are quite funny, and utterly ridiculous.

ignoranceI once had a business partner who was a liar, a thief, a pussy and a constant whiner. He was as ignorant as they come. But he was my friend. I was loyal to him, even though it proved to be costly. However, he had one great quality. He could spot ignorance in others from a mile away. Having him as my business partner almost did me in (I said almost. Hell with that. I’m on my way back up.) But there is one thing I learned from him, which is, YOU CAN’T FIGHT IGNORANCE. I guess the partnership was not a total loss. This is the best advice I have ever received from anyone.

Ignorance is not necessarily identified with any particular occupation. I once worked with an Italian guitar player in Birmingham, Alabama who was as ignorant as the world is round. I know a butcher who is as ignorant as they come. I have known several ignorant attorney’s and accountants. Come to think of it, the more technical a profession, and the more professional the person thinks he is, the more the chances of ignorance. I have also know many common laborers, such as, grocery store stockers, baggers, and deli workers who are not ignorant. The lower the position, the lower the chances of ignorance.

ignoranceMany attorneys, accountants, musicians, butchers, and other professionals who think they are the backbone of their industries are just plain ignorant. I said many, not all. These people are nothing more that glorified butlers. For every profession, a large percentage of the people in it are ignorant, and don’t know their rear ends from first base. On the other hand, the remaining ones who are not ignorant are Hell on Wheels.

But let me make one thing clear. Ignorance is not tied to any profession. It is tied to people.

How Can You Spot Ignorance?

There are 27 signs of ignorance.

A person is ignorant if:

  1. They think they know everything.
  2. They are not interested in what anyone else has to say.
  3. They have a big ego, even though they don’t know what the hell an ego is.
  4. They will talk, and then when it is your time to talk, they will just keep talking.
  5. They never hear what you say because they don’t know how to listen.
  6. They get mad if your opinion is different from theirs.
  7. They want you to do something, and then they bitch when you do it.
  8. They don’t want you to do something, and then they bitch if you don’t do it.
  9. They will not let you get a word in edgewise.
  10. They get violently made if you made a recommendation, or offer constructive criticism.
  11. They blame everyone but themselves when things go wrong.
  12. They constantly make excuses.
  13. They try to make you feel like you are the scum of the earth. (You know better though, don’t you?)
  14. They don’t look you in the eye very often.
  15. When they get mad, they are like a wild wolf getting ready to attack.
  16. They will not take anyone’s advice, even if they know it is the right thing. (If a person is ignorant, how in the hell would they know anything?)
  17. They do not end a conversation by tactfully saying, “I don’t want to talk about this anymore” Instead, they end the conversation by saying,”F___ Y__” or “K__s M_ A_s”.
  18. If the ignorant person is a man, all he does is brag about his love life. (OK ladies, you are off the hook this time.)
  19. If the ignorant person is a man, he brags about how he can whip anyone’s ass. (OK ladies, you are off the hook again.)
  20. They think the whole world is against them, and they take it out on others.
  21. They show a violent temper and use the worst profanity without regard to who is present. Even if Pope Francis is present, this does not stop them.
  22. They purposely embarrass and humiliate other people in public (In all fairness to ignorant people, I don’t think they are intelligent enough to realize what they are doing.)
  23. They want to get even with someone, but if you ask them what was done to them, they could not answer you, because they don’t know, or don’t remember.
  24. They accuse you of being a liar, when actually, they are the liars.
  25. They live by the double standard. “It’s OK if I do it, but you better not do it.”
  26. They cannot accept the truth.
  27. Even some ignorant people have a sense of humor. A person is extremely ignorant, or a basket case if they never, ever laugh when they hear a funny joke (my late Grandmother on my Dad’s  side).

Let’s be realistic. All of us probably possess a few of these signs. None of us are perfect. But if someone seems to have all of these signs, that person is ignorant. If you want to associate with them, that’s fine. But, just don’t take them seriously. If you do, you will be dealing with nothing but constant frustration. Just take them with a grain of salt, and just laugh at them. After all, they are funny.

Don’t try to fight ignorance. Just let it go and consider the source. If you take this advice, your life will be 100% better. BELIEVE ME, I KNOW !

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