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Social Media taken to a new level

May 16, 2023        

5 Deadly Words Used by a Woman that can Destroy a Relationship
5 Deadly Words Used by a Woman that can Destroy a Relationship

5 Deadly Words Used by a Woman that can Destroy a Relationship

No one ever said that a relationship is easy.

Of course, if your partner is your soul mate, love will get you through the tough times.

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship just to have an occasional sex partner, don't upset the applecart.

Ladies, be aware of these five deadly words that can destroy your relationship.

5 Deadly Words Used by a Woman that can Destroy a Relationship


The word never is a dangerous word in a relationship. When used in a disagreement, it can make your partner feel like they are being attacked or accused of something. It can also create a feeling that the relationship is about to end, making it difficult to find a solution or compromise. Instead of using this word, try to focus on what is causing the issue and work together to resolve it.


Always is another word to avoid. It will give your partner the feeling that they can't do anything right. Also, don't use the words should and must, which can come across as controlling or demanding. Instead, try to focus on expressing your feelings without placing blame or making accusations.


The word fine is often used by women in a relationship as a way to express dissatisfaction or frustration while avoiding the issue. This can leave your partner feeling confused and unsure of how to address the problem. Instead, try to be more specific about what is bothering you and work together to find a solution.


When your partner asks what's wrong and you respond with nothing, it will frustrate and confuse them. Try to be honest and open about your feelings, even if it's uncomfortable. If there is something bothering you, try to express it in a clear and respectful way. This will help your partner understand your perspective and work towards a resolution.


This is the worst of the 5 words. It can come across as indifferent, heartless and uncaring. Your partner will feel like their feelings don't matter. Instead, try to actively listen to your partner and engage in a constructive conversation. This will help build trust and strengthen your relationship. Once that trust is gone, you will never get it back.


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